Born 1964

In 1983, I began formally studying Fine Art at the University of Montana, followed by Commercial Art at the Art Institute of Seattle about a year or two later. While at the U of M, I studied ceramics and painting.  At the Art Institute I received an excellent design and painting education thanks to Bill Cumming, Fred Griffin, and Annette Bauman.  I left both institutions early, to study painting independently.

In the past I worked predominantly in acrylic, and occasionally, casein. I was creating representational works which were not based on observation. Around 2011 I decided to work entirely from observation, with a muted and limited palette.  I learned a great deal through this work; which was based on measuring in order to help me better understand spatial relationships. I felt a strong desire to see what this could bring to my work. I mostly worked on portrait and figurative paintings, in oil.

Currently, informed by my new understanding of observing, I am making small works that help me further refine the "how" of my process. I am interested in integrating more color into my palette by experimenting on smaller panels.   

Overall, it is important for me to maintain the work as a painting, over a picture or illustration.  Though that is the case, it is also of great importance that the viewer relate to the work, find it beautiful, and also find it interesting enough to want to continue to look at it.  

Over the last thirty years, painting has been one of my greatest struggles, and joys.  I am endlessly curious about how to make better paintings. 

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Kenmore, WA

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